Monday, March 17, 2014

Cabinet of Curiosity: Week 1

The creative Cabinet of Curiosity fling began on Friday, March 7th has turned into an almost daily ritual. Each day, if inspired, I've been creating little scenes using bits and pieces of collected paraphenilia ranging from herbs, leaves, found objects, ribbons – anything that will add to the visual story. The composition is usually captured via my phone and then posted to instagram, tumblr, twitter and facebook. If I am not too busy I will also do some shots with the SLR camera as well.

I'll keep going with it as long as time permits and I am having fun. Eventually I'd like to get more conceptual with them, but for now its serving as play time.

Here are the shots via my camera which I did a little editing on, beginning on Saturday the 8th leading up until today. Enjoy!

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