Saturday, April 8, 2017

Study, Learn, Evolve, Repeat

This Sunday, April 9th, I will be teaching what appears to be the very last Art of Botanical Perfume live class at the "current" perfumery. It won't be the last live class I teach, but my lease in the Whizin Market Hall is up on May 5th, thus it will likely be the last live class I do in this exact least as of this sacred moment.

The online Art of Botanical Perfume course is available 24/7 and more live and online classes are on their way. What this also means, if you haven't put the pieces together yet, is that the perfumery as we know it in this incarnation will cease to exist. I won't say more at this point since things are in a fluid state, however, if you've been meaning to take a class or visit the space, tick tock.

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Simarana At The Dera said...

heh heh, I thought I had just invented the saying 'study learn evolve repeat' only to discover your post...