Thursday, January 9, 2020


Lately, especially since moving, I have had a challenge getting things done. Part of the challenge is the chaotic nature of moving and not having a workspace or home. Once the perfumery was set up and we were able to get into a better, albeit not yet ideal home situation, things improved.

Now that the new year, new decade is upon us, I've been yearning to get more traction...and then, Nir Eyal, a behavioral designer, dropped into my realm. Have you heard of him? He wrote the book Hooked followed by Indistractable. Below is a thirty minute video of him speaking on the subject of up of mastering the super power of being Indistractable. Eyal is brilliant, he unmasks the hidden psychology driving us to distraction, and then teaches us how to get on track. I highly recommend, even if it's only to listen and not watch.

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