Sunday, April 12, 2020

Re-birthing a New Vision

Intending our collective human mind today may ingest, incubate and hatch the symbolism of the "egg" as an archetype for libration. The origins of the word Easter are found in the ancient Saxon Lunar Goddess known as Eostre and Norse Goddess Ostara. In both these traditions, as well as those of the Greeks and Egyptians we find the symbolic use of the egg and a theory of the Cosmic Egg as the source of all creation.

In August of 2003 when Greg and I attended the Visionary Art workshop titled Old Masters, New Visions in Austria. The egg is referred to as the Hermetic Vase, a vessel of transformation. As we used the whole egg to create the under painting in the workshop, we experienced a deeper meaning to the symbolism of the egg as it became a conductor of light and transformation. In turn, I was transformed and had the insight to create "Illuminated Perfume", weaving all my talents into one inspired vision.

“The shell must break before the bird can fly.” ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

This forced isolation can be looked at symbolically as an incubation with the cracking open of the collective mind, an awakening and ascension. At least that's how I am choosing to look at it, the alternative of a canopy of GGGGG above our heads and forced vaccinations with micro chips implemented by Mr. Gates of doom is too painful.

Here are a few words from Jung on the topic of the egg:

“In alchemy the egg stands for the chaos apprehended by the artifex, the prima materia containing the captive world-soul. Out of the egg — symbolized by the round cooking vessel — will rise the eagle or phoenix, the liberated soul, which is ultimately identical with the Anthropos who was imprisoned in the embrace of Physis.”

Fred Bergen, an "instagram" friend mentioned a recent episode on NPR's Science Friday, titled The Luxury Ostrich Eggs of the Bronze and Iron Age Upper Class. Auspiciously Greg and I had placed an ostrich egg on our altar this morning, which in my meditation turned gold, with a reference to me apply gold leaf to it. After listening to the segment I found the idea of carving into an egg, or as we do in todays modern era, decorating eggs, this is yet another fitting archetype to dive into—decorating, carving a new reality for our "selves" and the world.

The “flowering” of the landscape is another way to perceive the symbol of transformation. The opening image, titled The opening image is titled Hermaphrodite with the World Egg, is a color pencil on paper piece by Laurie Lipton, look closely as it bears similarities to the Rebis image below of the hermaphrodite contained in the alchemical egg.

These alchemical images have created a yearning within me to cycle back to drawing and painting, perhaps that will be part of my alchemical rebirth. Here is a story from my old art blog of H2 illuminated, an image I created back in 2002 when I was still illustrating. The final image can be viewed here.

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