Tuesday, March 22, 2022

The Equinox, Spring and VIRIDITAS

The Great Wheel of the Earth has birthed itself once more, we stand together at a threshold of a new astrological year. Some astrologers, like Pam Gregory, view the arrival of new Earth on the horizon, although not quite in the "visible realm" as of yet.

Whether in the Northern or Southern hemisphere, this is a time we honor a transitional point of equality between the light & dark. A beautiful symbol of the balance point in this dualistic reality here on planet Earth.

This is a portal is a time of high magic. Sit with what is emerging within for this new cycle of transformation and dream big!

Viriditas is a guiding theme used constantly in the work of abbess Hildegard von Bingen. Literally meaning "greenness," the word has been translated in various ways, such as greening, freshness, vitality, fruitfulness, life-force, or growth.

Viriditas is a metaphor for spiritual & physical health, often as a reflection of the divine word or as an aspect of the divine nature."1

With the arrival of Spring and inspired by the concept of Viriditas,  I created a discovery set containing:

  • Hedera helix,
  • Q
  • Green Witch &
  • The Green Knight
And since I am working on the new Ritual Box I have made the Green Knight fragrance available as a sample set of the solid and EdP version.

For further exploring, I have added new perfume pages on the website here so that you can explore the his/her story of more fragrances.

Aligning with this green theme, healing and dreaming big, check out this film by Tom Flanagan introducing a song cycle titled Viriditas. It was created by Irish artist and vocalist Ceara Conway for The Deepest Shade of Green, an Arts and Health program for Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture. It includes newly composed contemporary songs, traditional European healing songs and rhythms, songs inspired by conversations with staff and patients, and songs which incorporate recordings of hospital equipment, plants, and the tools of sound healers. The album was performed as a series of intimate live performances in wards and corridors, televised to patients’ bedsides from a hospital chapel, recorded as a CD for gifting to patients across the seven hospitals of Saolta University Health Care Group, and is available for download at saoltaarts.com for everyone.


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