Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Celtic Tree: Ivy

"Greenest of pastures and sweetest of grasses"

The cycle of the Celtic Tree mysteries are upon us once more, this months learning comes from the ivy. Like the vine, we do not generally witness ivy as a tree. Unless, of course, you have tried to remove it from your garden. This is when I learned that this invasive plant is actually a tree and a threat to native plants in California.

Teachings of ivy, represented by the letter "G", center on resurrection. The spiral growing pattern combined with it's tenacity teaches us strength and perseverance. As an evergreen the plant was used often to decorate altars while other plants slept. It has also been used often as crowns.

I created a perfume for Ivy, it is a very complex composition with the green, powdery quality of this spiraling serpent. The fragrance is being considered for an upcoming series. Originally I thought to use it as the nemeses of our "Q" perfume devoted to the California Coastal Live Oak.

"My favorite potion from Roxana was a special commission per my request. Hedera helix~ the mighty Ivy Dark green leaves, reddish, yellowish pink vines, and that special sharp tang that ivy possesses. This is the big, aged, thick leaved ivy of my Grandmother’s front porch, climbing and twining in the shade. Cool and crisp, an inviting home to innumerable dark creatures." ~ Tonie Silver

Roxana Illuminated Perfume™
Image: Pieces of my paintings woven together like a green quilt.


ScentScelf said...

I tend to have a "problem," in that I have no favorite season...but cannot imagine living without four of them. :)

Thanks for helping me remember and/or connect with some of what causes me to embrace this time of year.

Illuminated Perfume said...

It is a pleasure to write about these more "pagan" aspects of the Seasons. I do feel that it anchors us, especially while Chicken Little is going about screaming that the sky is falling!

Krista said...

Hi Roxana,
Love your blog, so descriptive and informative. I grew up in Santa Monica and love reading about your walks through the mountains and the coastal scrub, makes me miss the smell of sage brush... Wanted you to know that you've been 'tagged'. Please see blog entry from Sept. 12th if you want to play!

Illuminated Perfume said...

Thank you so much. ADORE your blog and can't wait to play!