Monday, June 22, 2009

Aromatherapy Clay Winner!

The winner for the MamaK's Aromatherapy Clay Giveaway has been chosen. I devised a new format for choosing a winner. I went through and tallied up each entry, some folks had many due to their tweets, follows and friending. I went into the closet where we keep all our games and choose two complete decks of cards. Then I assigned one card to each entry, shuffled the decks several times and had Maestro Gregorio choose one with his eyes closed.

The winner is.....the Nine of Clubs from the Red deck. Will the Nine of Clubs please step forward! Oh, that's right, I need to reveal who the Nine of Clubs is don't I? The winner is Shandra, congratulations! Everyone else wins as well because Kari is graciously offering to give each of the other commentators a 10% discount for their very own aromatherapy clay at her Etsy. The password for the discount is PERFUME, so head on over and get your very own Aromatherapy clay. Claim the discount by entering the keyword PERFUME into the message section during your checkout through Etsy. Once your order has been put through, Kari will refund you 10% through Paypal. If you have any question, send her a convo on Etsy.

If you missed this giveaway but are curious about it, follow this link to find it. Next month we will feature another magnificent Artist from the realm of Etsy. Stay tuned!

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