Tuesday, September 20, 2011

To Bee at Perfume Shrine and World Peace Day

Tomorrow is World Peace Day and today Elena over at Perfume Shrine has published a very sweet review of To Bee Natural Perfume.

Thus, for this day I am advocating we all anoint ourselves with a combination of the Perfume Devoted to Peace and To Bee. Both of these fragrances have honey notes and as is the case with all my "fumes" they have the ability to bring one more inner peace due to the high essential oil content.

There are many ways to layer or wear more than one illuminated perfume at a time. When I am in full production mode here at the studio I generally will put one perfume on each limb. Yesterday for example I had Aurora on my left arm and To Bee on my right. I also will often layer a solid over a liquid or vice versa. If you have really dry skin I applying the solid the liquid may facilitate more longevity. Above all experiment, have fun and breath in the moment deeply.

I'll leave you with this quote from my customer Beth about To Bee solid:

"This is one of those scents that makes me realize how inadequate our (or at least my) language is to capture fragrance. So, I'll have to fall back on what so many others have said about it: it's exquisite, complex, and lingers beautifully. It makes me feel better about being in the world: I can feel myself walking taller and breathing more deeply whenever I wear it. An experience more than a perfume. (and beautifully packaged, too!)"

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