Monday, January 9, 2012

Strange Flowers of Reason

"There are strange flowers of reason to match each error of the senses."
~ Louis Aragon

The garden is starting to awaken. As mentioned previously the rosemary on the back slope is in full bloom. Out on the front slope where I have all the natives, the salvias have begun blooming. Salvia spathacea, known as Hummingbird Sage, has tall stalks with bright showy magenta flowers beloved by the local hummingbirds. I planted ours under a small oak with the intention that it would spread. It has been extremely slow growing for some reason, but very pretty non-the-less.

The other sage that is currently blooming is the Salvia mellifera, commonly known as Black Sage. I've noticed the honey bees and small bumble bees are really loving these blooms.

Meanwhile in the studio today, I'm packing orders, working on various new natural botanical perfumes and ordering supplies. Since our two main computers are in limbo Greg and I are on a schedule sharing the laptop which has been both good and challenging. Good in that it limits my computer time and thus I am doing lots of other things, like getting the Poco letterpress ready for printing. The challenge is that since we are on a schedule I am limited as to what I can do when.

My SOTD (scent of the day), in honor of the blooming sages, is Chaparral solid perfume. Regrettably Frankincense, which is one for the main ingredients has become quite expensive which equates to a price increase in the perfume once I make the new edition.

Postcard and salvia photos ©Roxana Villa

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angie Cox said...

Understandable considering the trouble the trees are in.