Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Calendula Flowers & the Sun

The calendula seedlings I purchased at ReUnity Resources on April 30th are blooming abundantly! It makes such a difference to purchase vital, organic plants, especially here in the high desert, where conditions can be challenging. We also want to be supporting local and small businesses as much as possible. I also look for companies/organizations that are not selling items that pollute, destroy bee colonies and have integrity, even in their personal lives. Santa Fe is such a small community that its super easy to know what's going on, for example, if a business owner is cheating on his wife, then I won't support that business.

The alchemical path teaches us to look beyond, to observe and dive into a deeper understanding of essence, the vibration of a plant, object, human being. We are beckoned to "feel" into meaning, perceive patterns and symbols....beyond the thinking mind.

In plants we observe the color & shape, as well as where it grows, to determine its healing attributes. As you can see, calendula (Calendula officinalis) has an affinity with the sun, notice the circular bright orange flowers with petals that radiate outward. I am also observing how they look very lion-like, especially in the photo below.

The sun, related to elemental FIRE, home of our beating heart and the constant drum beat within, home of passion, warmth, and direct knowing. Home of the Child, youthful abundant energy, and motivation. The spirit medicine of Lion dwells here, providing strength and courage.

As the center of our solar system, plants associated with the sun re-mind us of who we are at a core level, empowering a strong sense of self and shining bright where clouds may have obscured lightness of being.

Sunny calendulas nourish on so many levels, specifically where there is a loss of vitality and wounding. This is why calendula is so wonderful for dry skin and used in salve making. The youthfullness of their vibrant appearance calls to our inner child to come out and play, have fun in the sun and be free.

Working with plants ground and bring us into the sacred moment. By mimicking and being in harmony with nature, we then flow in the current of the cosmos.

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Photos & words ©Roxana Villa. alchemical image: The alchemist who has achieved illumination, from Andrea de Pascalis, Alchemy: The Golden Art. The Secrets of the Oldest Enigma

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